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Huntington Public Library

Main Library • PHONE: 631-427-5165 x 201 • FAX: 631-421-7128

Station Branch • PHONE 631-421-5153 • FAX 631-421-3488


Please read #11 below regarding dates applications may be submitted...then list all dates requested (and any alternate dates and/or times) in order of preference.
See attached fee schedule
Available equipment: Microphone, Whiteboard, DVD player, Computer Projector
I CERTIFY THAT: The meeting room will be used only for the stated activity. In addition, I certify that as a Huntington Public Library district resident/taxpayer (18 years or older), I am authorized to accept and be responsible for compliance with all conditions pertaining to use of a Meeting Room including execution of a Hold Harmless provision.


  1. Permission to use the Library’s meeting rooms may be granted to community groups, organizations and individuals
    whose aims are Library connected, educational, cultural, political and/or civic. Use of the Library’s meeting rooms is
    subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, as well as policies promulgated by the Library
    Board of Trustees.
  2. Scheduling availability is to be solely determined by the Library.
  3. All meetings shall be non-exclusive and open to the general public.
  4. The rooms are not to be used for sectarian religious instruction or as a place of religious worship, except to the extent
    that non-sectarian subject matter is provided or discussed from a religious point of view as judiciously recognized as
    constitutionally protected free speech.
  5. There shall be no charge for the use of meeting rooms during the Library’s regular hours of operation for not-for-profit
    organizations. Use outside of the Library’s normal hours of operation may be requested by the applicant. Should such
    permission be granted, the applicant will incur a charge of $25 for each hour, or fraction thereof, that the applicant intends to use the room. Under no circumstances will use be approved beyond one hour after the Library’s regular closing
    hour. Checks payable to Huntington Public Library for this purpose must accompany the application.
  6. Meeting rooms may also be available for business use for a fee as detailed below:
    For-Profit Business Room Usage Fees:

    Auditorium $300
    Meeting Room $150
    Small Meeting Room $75

    Community Room $200
    Classroom $150
    Small Meeting Room #1 or #4 $ 75

    Meeting rooms are available for a three-hour period (including setup and take-down time.) Use beyond three hours is
    subject to prior approval by the Library Director and will incur additional fees at the rate of $100 for each additional hour
    or fraction thereof. Checks payable to Huntington Public Library must accompany the meeting room use application. Retail sales events and the direct sale of merchandise shall not be permitted.

  7. No refunds will be made except in the event of cancellation of the activity by the Library or cancellation of the activity by
    the applicant at least one week prior to the scheduled activity.
  8. The primary purpose of the Library’s meeting rooms is to serve as a venue for Library sponsored services, programs
    and activities. Library services, programs and activities shall have priority over all other activities. The Library reserves
    the right to cancel reservations or change the location of the room due to unexpected Library needs or purposes.
  9. The person requesting use of the meeting room shall be a resident or taxpayer of HUFSD, 18 years or older. At the
    discretion of the Director, the Library may grant permission to local organizations whose officers may not be residents or
    taxpayers. No application shall be considered officially approved until it is signed by the Library Director and
    confirmed to the applicant via e-mail or by signed/approved copy of the application.
  10. Applications for use of the Library’s meeting rooms must be made in writing by an adult on the form provided for this purpose at least seven (7) days in advance of the intended use. More immediate bookings may be considered pending
    Library Director approval/availability. Forms are available on the website, at service desks at either the Main or Station
    Branch Library or in the Administration Office. Signed applications may be faxed to 631-421-7128.
  11. Reservations for the use of the meeting rooms by non-Library sponsored community groups
    and organizations will be made no more than six months in advance. Applications for use of
    the meeting room for the period January 1 - June 30 may be submitted to the Administration
    Office beginning November 1st. Applications for the period July 1 - December 30th may be
    submitted beginning May 1st.
    09/19 - Pg. 2 of 3
  12. Use of a meeting room is limited to once a month. Requests for use of a meeting room for more than one meeting a
    month will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Applications for use of the Library’s meeting rooms are considered
    on a “first-come, first-served basis. The Library makes every attempt to accommodate requests for monthly or
    otherwise “regular” meetings; however, there is no guarantee that individuals/community groups will receive such.
  13. The applicant must certify that the meeting room shall be used only for the specific activity stated on the application
    and for no other purpose whatsoever. No activity may disrupt Library operations.
  14. By executing the application, the applicant agrees to the release of the applicant’s name and telephone number to
    any person requesting information concerning the organization’s activities or program. All publicity and/or media coverage for events in the Library, whatever the source, must be approved by the Library Director prior to the issuance or
    coverage. The Library may only be mentioned as a location, and not as the sponsor of an event nor as the headquarters of an organization, in all announcements or publicity relating to the event. The Library’s telephone number may
    not be given to obtain further information regarding a non-Library sponsored event. Any literature or other items to be
    distributed at a meeting must be submitted to the Library Director at least 48 hours prior to intended distribution.
  15. The responsibility for the maintenance of public order and safety at a meeting is that of the applicant. When the
    meeting is for minors, application must be made by an adult, 18 years or older, who will be present at the meeting and
    be responsible for any damages incurred. A minimum of one adult for every 10 minors must be present at all times.
  16. The Library Director, or designee, is authorized to order the termination of any meeting or activity making use of
    Library facilities in violation of any law or use regulation. The determination by said official is final. The Library
    Director, or designee, is authorized to call upon appropriate law enforcement agencies to enforce such action if, in the
    opinion of the Library official, circumstances warrant such an action. Further permission to use the meeting room
    may be denied to any group which proves to be disorderly or which violates any law or regulation.
  17. Limited refreshments, such as coffee and cake, are allowed. At no time may alcoholic beverages be served.
  18. The meeting room must be left in a neat and orderly fashion. If this condition is not met, the applicant will be charged
    an amount equal to one hour of staff overtime for each hour needed to clean up. Further use of the meeting room will
    be denied until the Library is paid.
  19. Groups which carry insurance are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance to the Library, along with their
    application, for use of the meeting room. Other groups are urged, for their own protection, to obtain temporary
    insurance policies against liability for property/personal damage resulting from their use of the meeting room. Inability
    to obtain insurance, or the lack of insurance, will not be the basis for denying a group’s application for meeting room
  20. Signature of the applicant on the Application for Use of a Library Meeting Room is acknowledgement by the organization, group or individual that it recognizes and executes the following Hold Harmless provision as indicated below:
    HOLD HARMLESS: To the fullest extent permitted by law, the applicant approved for use of Library meeting room
    facilities will Indemnify and Hold Harmless the Huntington Public Library, its staff, agents and trustees, from
    and against any and all claims, suits, judgments, damages, losses and expenses, including legal fees and all
    court costs and liability, arising in whole or in part, and in any manner from injury and/or death of person or
    damage to or loss of property resulting from the acts, omissions or conduct of the applicant using any Library
    meeting room facility.
  21. Except for Library sponsored events, no fees of any kind may be charged, no donations may be solicited or accepted,
    nor may any items be sold. Use of the facilities will not be granted for fund-raising purposes, except as may be
    permissible under law and with the explicit consent of the Library. Such permission shall be deemed extraordinary.
  22. Federal, state, local and library regulations shall be complied with at all times.